About Us

The Office of Dermatology and Venereology was established in December 2015.

Along with the classic methods of dermatology and venereology, with the emphasis on clinical and dermatoscopic examinations of pigmented and non pigmented skin lesions, moles, and clinical and dermatoscopic monitoring of moles with the aim of early diagnosis of skin tumours, melanoma in particular, the Office deals with aesthetic dermatology, phlebology and paediatric dermatology.

Our Team

Our dermatology team has more than18 years of experience in dermatoscopy of (non)-pigmented skin lesion, mucosal and nail lesions, and follow-up of moles with clinical and dermatoscopic photo-documentation.

Dermatovenereologic team leader, professor Zrinjka Paštar, has established the standard of dermatoscopic examination and dermatoscopic follow-up of moles in Croatia in 2005.
Subspecialist of paediatric dermatology, phlebologist and subspecialist of plastic surgery are part of Dentaderm team.

Professor Zrinjka Paštar, MD, PhD

specialist of dermatology and venereology

Blanka Lukić

Nurse practitioner